What is the PS/2 Mouse Adapter you might ask? Well, the PS/2 Mouse Adapter is a device that will allow you to plug in a PS/2 Mouse into the Tandy Radio Shack Color Computer's, CoCo for short, joystick port. This allows you to use a standard off the shelf PS/2 Mouse in place of the CoCo's old 1 or 2 button ball-based mice.

Right now the concept units are currently under going experiments with a few revisions out in the field at this time for testing.

So far the concept units have been tested on CoCo1's, CoCo2's, and CoCo3's without problem thus far. We are hoping to get access to a Tandy 1000 that has the 6 PIN DIN joystick port for testing and a Dragon computer. I will update this page when possible.

The PS/2 Mouse Adapter requires an external power source that is 5V. I chose to use USB as the cables are easy to acquire and so far the USB chargers.

The PS/2 Mouse Adapter's heart is currently an Arduino NANO v3 and we are in the works of upgrading the heart of the adapter to an Arduino Micro. This will give us more options in the future if we need them.

The CoCo's joystick uses 2 potentiometers, pot for short, to vary the voltages so a game knows where the joystick position is. This has to be simulated and so far the best way I have found to do this is using a dual-channel Digital to Analog Chip(DAC).

Page last updated on 2020/12/26