ESP8266 RS232 Board
Version of the board is using a ESP8266-01 plugin module.
Also the pinout of the DE-9 connector is from the perspective of it being the computer.
The reason for this design was to take advantage of a existing 4 PIN DIN to DE-9 cable from Cloud9Tech for use with DriveWire.
This setup would allow a user to install a firmware that would be compatible with DriveWire for use with Java DriveWire or pyDriveWire.

Version of the board is planned to have a ESP8266-07 SMT based module on it.
The reasoning behind this choice is to allow hardware flow control lines to be used.
Also the plans for the DE-9 connector is going to be the pinout as if it is a modem.

Now as far as the firmware I like using on the ESP8266 depends on the use/project case for the adapter.
So far I use ZiModem and ESP-Link firmwares.
ZiModem I like using with the ESP8266 so I can get a WiFi based Hayes style modem so I can do my BBS stuff on my retro systems. :)
ESP-Link I use with DriveWire on the Tandy Radio Shack Color Computer.
Aaron Wolfe also has a site setup for DriveWire for some information and resources.
You can also find some more information from Cloud9Tech's site on the older DriveWire product they used to sell.
If you want a python based DriveWire server you can get Michael Furman's pyDriveWire. I have been actively using this on my Raspberry Pi server for all my Ethernet and WiFi connected CoCo's.

Page last updated on 2020/03/20.